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on June 22, 2010

sneaking,creeping, coming up on ya

before you , behind you it completely surrounds you

above and below, you can’t see but it’s there

maliciously planning it’s brutal affairs

can’t say no one told you

they warned you and showed you time after time

you choose to ignore, act like you don’t know

so you go here and there walking round with no fear

can’t even think of when last something gave you a scare

all the while complete evil is engaging you

no not in small poportions, actually rather large

but for you that’s alright because you’re “unaware”

I’ve been thinking lately of how much we Christians sin.  I’ve been thinking of how much deciet fills our lives and we are so often “unaware”.  Blissful ignorance I call it.  There’s really no excuse for it, though the reason and cause is clear.  Biblical illiteracy is our problem and it is a huge one.

I’ve been to many santuaries and it’s alarming, the lies told and believed among the church.  The heresies so many live by.  We search and search for God’s will when his laws, commands, precepts, word…will IS our bible.  We pray divine intervention when all Christ does is sit at the side of the Father interceding on our behalf.  We seek safety and security when we already know we’re saved.  We run from the fight though we’ve already been given the victory.  We add, we lessen, we alter God’s word to suit our comfort.  I’m frightened.  It scares me what I’m seeing.  How cleaver are those demons, the fallen angels who come as angels of light and we fall into their darkness.

So what brought this all on? Someone told me they could led a person to Christ without ever mentioning the existance of Hell.  They spoke as though the best option was to avoid the topic and you know what? Most of the church does, but Jesus didn’t.  He spoke of Hell and he spoke of it often.  Why are we so scared to share God’s complete word.  And why do we fear people knowing the truth.  Aren’t we glad to know it.  What I am scared of is how many of us haven’t a clue what’s in the bible and haven’t a single desire to find out.  I fear that so many of us have no transformation in our lives and don’t care for any.  I really fear just how great the number of “church” members who aren’t saved are.

Jesus told people who thought they were living for him that he didn’t know them.  Does that not shake anyone.  We’re told to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith…to see if we’re living for God or for self and man.  We’re told to work out our salvation…continual growth and sanctification…I’m so scared for so many because they’ll hear all this and not even know it’s of them  I speak.  They’re too busy believing Satan’s subtle lies that look oh so much like truth…they’re too busy believing lies to line them up next to truth in studying the word.

Sneaking, creeping, coming up on ya

GOTCHA!! GOTCHA!!  No turning back


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