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Life over Death

on June 19, 2010

What is this life

A lesson learned?

A journey traveled?

How does one measure it’s success

By it’s length or it’s passion?

Some will live for many years, but to no avail

They’ll never find joy

They’ll never know freedom

If I shall die this very night, this I know for sure

The hope I have’s eternal, love that found me is so pure

So I’ll live today with no regrets

Burdens laid to rest

And whatever life may offer, I’ll embrace and accept with grace

Thankful for every moment, not knowing which will be my last

I’ll live in love and trust and wisdom

knowing when the day comes in which I meet my maker,

Not death, but life will greet me

And that day I will be home

A young man from my school died three days ago.  I didn’t know him very well, but the few interactions I had with him I can honestly say I saw a glimpse of Christ.  I remember him always having a smile, always doing his best to make those around him comfortable.  He had a great passion for missions and touched so many lives.  Sometimes a person dies and everyone makes all this great, positive comment about them and then says they’re in a better place…but sometimes we have to question if it’s true.  With Craig, I know without a doubt that it is true and there’s such peace in that.  While only in his early twenties and married just 10 months, Craig experienced more than most in his lifetime.  Still it’s sad to see him gone and a hard hitting wake up call that we won’t be here forever.  Though knowing Christ we’ll go home to a much better place, the reality of those still here is living without someone dearly loved.  Please lift in your prayers his wife and his family that they may find resounding peace.  And let this be a reminder to you, we are here with purpose, to love our God and to love each other.   Walk in these truths and walk never fearing death.


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