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Not Easy

on June 16, 2010

I’ma give you a piece of my mind, take it or leave it, it is what it is.  Why oh why dear Christian do so many of us think that the moment you say the Jesus prayer life is gonna become this perfect, easy la dee da affair?  Did we not read the fine print….wait, that’s right…there was none.  So it was simply the word we choose to ignore.  Count the cost before you delude yourself into a false commitment.  Ugh, guys our lives…how can I put this, we signed up for war.  Dag, you think Afghanistan is tough.  They’re fighting external enemies whom they can often see.  We’re fight both internal and external enemies whom we will rarely ever see.  How you like dem apples?  B A  T T L E, can you say that with me, battle…it’s war.  When we signed up, we signed up to hardship.  Imagine going to a foreign country with a completely different culture and language that you are unfamiliar with…sound familiar?  It should, that’s the Christian walk.  There is no aspect of our faith that is supposed to be easier to live than was before.  Let’s look at relationships for example, beyond the work in progress that a marriage will ALWAYS be, is the die to yourself, put the other first, be humble thing that kinda sorta goes hand in hand with it.  Hmmm, why did I not know that.  You can’t keep secrets, you can’t be a “soldier” and try to walk through trials alone or ever think solely of yourself, your needs, your comfort…you’re one with this person…one, not one point five, no not two…one.  Just like we’re one with Christ, aha that’s right…his blood covers you….he bought you at the cost of his life…his Spirit is within you.  Remember before Christianity having this conscience thingy….now you have a Spirit thingy that gives conviction and discernment…SToP ignoring it…you’re ignoring God.  Yeah, it’s gonna feel hard and painful when you fight God himself and in essence yourself.  It’s that old you creepin’ on ya…tell him to get lost.  You don’t have split personalities, it’s one way or the other so say goodbye to the old and Hey to the new.  Easy, heck no, doable, heck yeah.  Solomon in his old age turned from God.  His lust for women outweighed his loyalties to God.  700 wives and 300 concubines, many of which were not Israelites.  Ever notice how whenever God made promises in the old testament He said IF you obey my commands and follow my ways.  IF means there is a condition.  Even today as much grace as we have there are still IF’s.  For example read through Revelation, I dare you.  Everyone’s so scared of it, why?  He clearly says If, If, IF you do such and such, then such and such will happen.  It’s pertinent that we attempt to live in his will.  Solomon turned from him completely and almost all of Israel was ripped from him because of this.  David also struggled with lust, but never turned from God…see we all mess up, that’s a give in, but when you do, do you seek him and seek forgiveness or do you give up and give into sin completely, turning from God.  It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna forever be hard to live against the grain of culture, to stand alone in values and truth, to retrain your own belief system and mind from worldly to godly….but it’s doable.  Not only so, but the reward for it….though far away for many of us, is more than worth it and incomparable to anything which exists or that you could ever imagine.  So here’s the deal Christian, stop complaining…cry if you need to, scream if you need to, but then do your business with God and push on because our lives are supposed to be difficult…thank God for that….no actually thank Him.  God Bless…ha, He already has hasn’t he.  Hallejuah.


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