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To God be the glory

on June 14, 2010

“It wasn’t about an organization, a religion or even the church, it was a personal relationship with Jesus” What an awesome testimony, the moment a woman realized what it meant to have Christ…to be Christian.  I rarely think of it that way.  I bet Solomon did though.  So this woman said how she can go to church and lift her hands because she knows who she’s worshipping.  It’s like watching someone sing a hymn or gospel song and knowing although there’s an audience, they’re singing to Jesus…they’re letting you in on their personal worship.  It’s so cool.  We each have a relationship with the God of the universe.  A deeply intimate and personal relationship with God.  How majestic, how loving, how just great, wow.  So Solomon built the Lord a house to dwell in, a lavish house.  Just about everything was covered in gold.  That was the old testament.  Today, He dwells in us.  I mean literally.  His Holy Spirit literally lives in each one of us.  The comforter, our counsellor.  God is in us.  Meditate on that for a while. He’s not in the church, He’s in each of us. Once you’ve thought that one over, live like it.  The cost of sin is death, but we’re no longer slaves to sin.  Have you counted the cost of redemption, forgiveness, grace…free yes, but living for God free, no.  The price is death to one’s self.  We can’t live for him until we stop living for us and what we want.  Are the stakes too high?  You better be able to answer this truthfully.


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