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Designer God

on June 8, 2010

Jill Scott has this song where she speaks of how crazy her love for her man is.  She describes it as crazy like a tree growing from the ground, like the rain falling from the sky.  I remember the first time I heard that song and how dumbfounded I was.  Never before had I really thought just how crazy those things were.  How anyone can deny God and think this happens by accident.  I mean there’s some crazy stuff that happens, but the amazing thing is that none of it is in vain.  It all has purpose and is very precise in method.

My God is a designer

The greatest to ever live

He wows me and amazes me with all these designs of his

How crazy it may seem to some

Birds that fly 600 miles without a  single break

Twins that feel each other’s pain though 600  miles apart

Ants that make 15 foot tunnel in the ground

Planets that don’t stop moving as they circle round the sun

Butterflies that fly roundtrip generationally

Trees growing from rocks

Babies learning to talk

Penguins and their funny walk

So much magnificence

So much intelligence

My God, ultimate planner

Planned my life and death to life so I may live again

He watches over me and keeps me

Each and every day He loves me in a special way

It may seem crazy to some

It doesn’t make much sense

Not unless you believe in my God

Cause leave it up to him

He’ll keep all the secret things

Provide you with the “need to knows”

And keep the rest to Him

but need to knows are all we need to know and what keeps us humble

we must remember him in worship and reverence because he knows all things

be thankful we’re a part of his great master plan

and most importantly we’re his best design


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