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A Place To Call Home

on June 7, 2010

I just want a home to call my own

That place where I feel safe and comfortable

Where I can just be me

No expectations, no disappointments

I just want a home

Where I am free

Where I feel love

I feel so trapped

There’s no way out

For far too long

All I wanted is to get away

But there’s no escape and I don’t understand

What have I done

What can I do

I just want a home

Whether here or with you

I just want to go home

For as long as I can remember, whenever I would get depressed inside my head I’d just keep hearing “I want to go home, I want to go home”.  It took years before I realized that “home” didn’t exist…or does it?  It’s definitely not the house I grew up in because I spent most of my depression there.  It wasn’t any home of family or friends, so where is that place I long for.  At the time of my life where I became suicidal, I thought home was simply death, which at the time I believed was the only escape from my sorrows.  In a way I think I was right.  Maybe home is in Heaven.  Maybe that’s the only place where I’ll finally find a happiness that never fades.  For now I can only cling to the joy  that comes in knowing that one day I will go home.  It’s hard sometimes to remember that earthly happiness never ever lasts.  You have these ups and downs and the downs feel so so low.  They say we aren’t promised happiness and they’re right we weren’t.  However we have a peace that comes from our eternal promises.  This doesn’t mean we necessarily escape all the human emotions of sadness, hurt or pain, but it means we can find rest that they will one day cease….forever.  That’ll be the day we finally go home.


One response to “A Place To Call Home

  1. Renata says:

    I cant wait for this. The day when we can just truly be who we are. The day where we can just jump and dance and sing and just be free. With our beautiful saviour. What a day it will be 😀

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