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Mold my heart

on June 6, 2010

Today I watched Charles Price give a sermon on God’s will and whoa what an impact.  First off, have you ever noticed how God seems to direct messages right at you.  I mean it’s incredible really.  He speaks directly to each of us through one person’s message, now that’s a living word. Ok, allow me to speak from my heart as I feel a stirring inside me right now.  We have such an awesome Father.  Our maker or potter so to speak.  I loved this message today because it reminded me of something I take for granted.  The fact that God not only heals the broken, he recreates us.  As Price put it, when your heart is soft and pliable, God remolds it…not repairs it, by fixing the dent or crack or whatever, but he actually reforms it into a brand new heart.  How great is that?  I not only get to move past my past, but I get to be a new person.  Ok this is how I view this, I know it sounds a little crazy, but really it’s cool.  I have hurts and errors in my past, we all do.  We tend to allow them to shape who we are.  We don’t let go.  We seek forgiveness, but we don’t forgive ourselves.  Now, the past can not be undone, but it doesn’t have to dictate your future in terms of success or failure.  Feel me?  We don’t have to be untrusting because our trust was broken.  We don’t have to be unlovable or unloved because we weren’t loved.  Are you getting this picture.  Price said that God’s will is the living molding of your life.  He stressed it isn’t some set in stone plan God has for us.  What it is is God working for his children in their brokenness.  He used the classic example of marriage.   He said if a believer approached him and asked him, is it God’s will for me to marry my unbelieving boyfriend, he’d show them Corinthians were it clearly states a believer is not to be yoked to an unbeliever.  However, if that believer decides to marry their boyfriend anyway and comes back and says “I got married and now I see how wrong I was”, God’s will is that they stay in the marriage.  Now God has not changed his plan or will, the circumstance changed and God works in the context of our circumstance.  Tell me that’s not awesome.  So there’s no excuse for those of us who are in surrender to God.  We will mess up.  There will be misfortunes in our lives, but there is always hope for those who believe and are willing to submit.  Soften your heart to God and allow him to make you brand new because people, He will break a hard and stubborn heart.

Speaking of the heart, earlier this week I did a little research.  I always hear people say that one must guard their heart, but always in the context of a romantic relationship.  To that I say “boo”.  No thank you.  Relationships require vulnerability and trust.  Scripture speaks of the heart, not as the physical heart, but as the center of our person.  The part of us that speaks to us, guides us so to speak.  It’s our emotions, our consciousness, in essence it’s who we are.  Now that’s big, much bigger than just relationships.  We’re told the heart is deceitful…it is.  Through the heart comes temptation, rebellion etc.  When speaking of guarding one’s heart the task is neither simple nor one to be taken lightly.  Guarding your heart is protecting it from sin…the world, the flesh and satan.  See, the word of God shares with us right from wrong.  We were give the law or commandments not as rules, but so as to reveal to us our sin.  We must protect our very being from all things which lead to sin, all things harmful to the condition of our hearts.  I’m not quite sure how to make this clearer other than to say that guarding one’s heart entails efforts to follow Jesus as closely as possible. When sin comes a creeping we turn or otherwise we must confess and repent as soon as possible in order to save our hearts from further despair or disobedience.  I say this again because Christ came to mend the broken hearted.  The clay or the heart is who we are.  Christ came to change who we are, transforming us from the inside.  What you look like physically isn’t the concern.  It’s what shape you’re in on the inside that counts.  It’s spiritual my friends, it’s spiritual.


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