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Drama King

on June 4, 2010

Who ever saisd the bible was boring or non-applicable, definitely did not read the old testament.  It’s like a soap opera or even an action flick, however you wanna take it.  Bottomline, it’s cool, it’s deep, it’s real.  This stuff actually happened…crazy.  King David, Oh Drama.  I thought I was drama, but David was like the original drama king.

So sensitive topic that needs to be approached…sex.  We see in 2 Samuel a violent case of incest and rape.  Maybe you’re desensitized to this because today it’s in the headlines like daily.  It’s on Maury and Springer, even Oprah and Dateline.  It’s everywhere, it’s all the time, but it’s no less dispicable to God.  And my friends, fornication goes right along side these so don’t be fooled into thinking anything less.  Now back to my old self, I’ma rant a little bitty here.  I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the government would like to introduce sex ed to grade 1 and 2 students…6 and 7 year olds.  I have a 6 and an 8 year old neice.  Now I don’t know how to feel about them learning that a dude’s body was made to put his “junk” inside them.  For some strange reason that just doesn’t seem necessary to me…or at least it wouldn’t if our society was less sex driven.

Here’s my beef, toys, cartoons, the 6 o’clock news, evening sitcoms, daytime tv, clothing, advertisements everywhere, it’s EVERYWHERE!  Sex sales they say, sales what?  Rape, incest, adultery, fornication, porn addictions, abuse, 12 year old prostitutes, child sex industries such as in the Philippines, negative self image, cancer causing implants, suicide, homicide….I could go on all day.  If you wanna sell a car or sell a vacation is it really necessary to use sex…REALLY?  Stop the excuses…it’s sin, IT’S SIN, ok, admit it, that simple, don’t excuse it, there’s no excuse and we will answer for it, don’t you dare think we won’t answer for it.

Do you see what happened to King David, do you SEE?  Let’s go…supposed to be at war, stays home…lazy….creeping and peeping on some chick bathing, KNOWS she’s a soldier’s wife and calls for her to sleep with her anyway…ummm?  Gets her pregnant, has her man killed so he won’t fnd out.  Check this now, God was…not happy…no he was down right mad.  David with his hundreds of wives, takes this loyal soldier’s only woman and impregnates her, then his the man killed. Hear me now, one this was only the beginning, but check it out…when we commit these sins, we not kill physically, but we kill spiritually, we kill emotionally…we’re killing souls and we’re grieving God’s heart. And friends the road to healing is long and difficult, don’t take these things lightly, they’re not light.

God was mad and he was hurt and as much as he loved David, he had to make him feel the consequences of his sin.  His son died and if that’s not bad enough, a horrific chain of events begin among his children.  Amnon raped his half sister…”loved” her for her beauty, violated her then dispised her due to his own self disgust at what he had done.  Abshalom, her brother comes now and kills Amnon, I mean this is the tip of the iceberg.  But where did it all begin?  With one sexual sin.  Sin is the road to death, period.

So they wanna teach our babies sex ed and you’re conflicted cause on the one hand we strip them of thier innocence, but on the other they’ve already been stripped by our society as a whole.  So what’s the solution?  GOD!  Allow me to clarify, GOD, JESUS, SPIRIT,  in the WORD, in our lives.  The solution is that we as Christians can not afford to be lazy parents, mentors, teachers…no we have to take respnsibility for our own.  Teach them the word, write it on their hearts.  Make every effort to show them Jesus and know who they are, citizens of heaven.  It sounds so simple, too easy almost…do not take it for granted.  Even where faith does not prevent, it restores…it’s vital.  Behind all of this pray, pray, PRAY!!!!

Great healer of hearts and souls, of our very lives make us anew this day.  Father put on our hearts a desire for change as our minds are renewed and refocused on things above.  The world around us crumbles, but thank you Lord that to this world we do not belong.  May we live now as citizens of Heaven.  May we step into our roles as sons and duaghters of not a king, but the King.  May we lead and not follow.  Make straight our paths oh God, chasten us as you see fit and teach us to walk the narrow road.  Merciful Saviour who brought us back to life, may we continually die to ourselves, to our fleshy desires, to worldly demands, to Satan’s deceit.  Restore us as your children to men and women of integrity and purity.  May we not take lightly any sin Lord.  May we not walk blindly as those in the dark, but step with confidence in faith because we have light.  Father forgive our sin and trepasses and lead your sheep oh Lord.  Led us to righteousness.  Bless you holy, mighty name, Amen


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