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God’s First

on May 30, 2010

yesterday i suffered a major spiritual attack.  i should have been prepared, i should have seen it coming.  this past week my co-worker and i have had so many intense conversations about God and while we were proactive in praying for protection against the enemy, i let my guard down.  the smallest thing that really shouldn’t have had much impact at all completely set me off.  the lies poured in and flooded my mind, i was engulfed in darkness and found myself fighting for breath.  i only thank God that he truly has my back because he lifted me out of it and i swear i simply could not have done it on my own.  it was a scary place to be in.  i faced some of my worst fears, but it was a wake up call.  this battle for my soul is real and i must not be caught unprepared.  i have to pick up my armour, put it on and stand guard.

so today i’m reminded that God in deed must always be first.  as i read of Saul’s last days, i saw a man who had gone so far astray, God turned his back on him.  withour God all becomes meaningless.  today i was reminded that i am nothing and he is everything, that my desires are worthless unless they match his.  today i was reminded that my life belongs to him…not only has he paid for it in full, but i made a decision to give it to him…i can’t take that back.  and so dear God i am sorry for my attempts to live for me.  for getting angry when i couldn’t have my way.  i can only say thank you to you for not giving up on me…that’s all that i can say.


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