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Faithfilled Love

on May 25, 2010

You’re gonna get so sick of this topic, love.  I can’t not write about though, it’s like everything to us.  Love is the one command that fulfills all the commandments.  Love makes the world go round.  It is the thing that no one can live without.  But what is it really?  I keep coming back to this because I get so confused when people make love into a selfish emotion.  It isn’t selfish and it isn’t an emotion.  So what is love supposed to look like?  I mean what is it supposed to do? For one it shouldn’t hurt, whether it be unintentional or not.  Love goes out of its way to comfort and protect.  It puts all else, all obstacles and emotions in aside so that it can get in there and support it’s subject.  I think of a mother’s love.  9 month invasion, excruciating pain of delivery and then a life of selfless sacrifice after sacrifice, of you over me.  Or a father’s love, dreams put on hold or often given up completely to enable dreams of his children, backbreaking efforts to provide.  How about a spouses love, two become one, giving up I for we…always the best for us both, never one or the other.  Love just gives and gives and isn’t concerned about what’ll get back because it knows that true love gives back for it’s self.  What feels better than to love someone?  Pain comes when love has impure motives.  when it’s no longer about you, but now it’s about me.  What am I getting out this love?  I’m not gonna lie, my love often looks like this.  The one love I can say I have that is unselfish is the love of my sister’s children.  Whether they loved me or not, I will always love them completely.  I will always protect them, lay my own life down for them.  I suppose it’s easier to love children because we figure really what can we expect from them.  Then we come to adult relationships or even God and we’re just full of expectations.  We want perfection and we want to made to feel good, feel special all the time.  There’s barely any room for give.  We talk about being in love or falling in love.  I’m careful with the latter because I think if you can fall in love, you can fall out of it just as easily.  What we need to do is to choose to love without condition.  Love everyone.  here’s the real issue of the day for me, relationship love.  How do you choose that one to whom you’ll become one?  It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but is it as hard as we make it?  A needle in a haystack…or not?  I don’t think the biggest issue here is love.  I actually think it’s faith.  I say this because I think it should be centered on faith.  I think it should be based on what two people can  come together and do for God, to honor Him and to represent Him.  I think we have taken on the world’s view of romantic love being about us and how we feel.  But I think as believers our entire life is supposed to be about God…over-spiritual, I think not.  there’s joy in serving God and think the people in the world who put Him first and put themselves aside I the most joyful, unselfish people you’ll ever meet.  When Moses put his wife’s desires first, chaos evolved, but when he trusted faith it was magical.  When Joseph trusted faith and stayed with Mary despite the shame it would bring him, magical.  We set up these standards of the perfect look, the perfect attitude etc. etc, but what about the perfect faith?  Who really looks at that as the foundation of their love.  I’m not saying I’m perfect, but this is what i want to be, a person whose faith surpasses all else in my life.  Hopeless…I think not.  So I’m waiting on God, I know it’s  his will, he intended us to marry…some are gifted with singleness, but when you have that gift you know that you have it…apart from that it comes down to choice.  My choice is to seek out another whose faith is like mine, bottom-line.  No one will be perfect, but in faith we will grow in Christ together and it will all line up.  I truly believe this with all of my heart.  I’m over chemistry, connections and all the worldly ideals, I’m back to God’s ideal.  Not easy because it requires a lot of faith, but I don’t want less than a lot of faith.


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