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My King

on May 24, 2010

God I’m sorry

I’m sorry for every doubt I’ve had and every doubt to come

I’m sorry for each fear past, present and future

I’m sorry for not being my very best or showing others you are THE best

There’s an endless list of I’m sorries

You’re an endless list of I forgive you’s

So in addition to all my sorries, God I thank you

Last night was a difficult night for me, I really couldn’t sleep.  As I lay in my bed starring into the dark I could feel each and every second past as I listened to my own heart beat.  I thought the morning would never come.  Sometimes in our lives we’re down and out, in dark places and it just seems endless, but the light will come.  What we have to do is trust and believe that our circumstance does not condition our attitude.  I know I like to sometimes ride the wave of self pity.  It’s sick really, but honestly sometimes it almost feels good to feel bad.  It makes you feel like you deserve special attention and extra love.  Guess what though, you’ve already got the most special attention and the utmost fill of love from God and it doesn’t fade…ever.

My King, he does this thing

With the joy he brings

That’s so incredible, so almost unbelievable

But so undenible

Those who know Him have to show Him love, honor and respect

There’s simply no way it’d be ok to not bow down and worship

My King

He’s the very best, he’s nothing like the rest

I think of Him and I must smile, just to think he dialed my heart

He called me out and brought me about into his kingdom

Man I feel special, I feel loved, so totally embraced

My King and his abundant grace has seen me though so much

I fall, he’s there to pick me up, I cry he wipes my tears

Never again a need to fear cause I know my king is always here

I got this rush of passion to share him with everyone

Everyone needs to know my King and this magic thing he does

Everyone needs to feel my King and know how much he loves


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