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Jesus I love u lots

on May 24, 2010

Sometimes I just wanna sing and shout

Go dancing in the streets

I wanna proclaim Lord Jesus Christ

My bestest friend indeed

Can’t put to words how much I love or what he’s done for me

But his love I wish that all would see

It’s like sipping on a slurpee in 100 degree weather

chillin’ by the pool side with a slight cool breeze passing gently by

surrounded by friends and family, laughing, some drinking bubbly

enjoying each other’s company

watching the young ones having fun

chasing the puppy dog and catching frogs

hot sun above just shining down

reminding all who made the day

appreciating His great way

I really don’t know what to say

I can’t put it to words

But Jesus Christ, his sacrifice

It brings me so much joy

And not just joy, but hope and peace

I can’t put it to words

It’s like resting with your feet up after a long day’s work

That special someone rubbing your shoulders

With sweet melodies a play

Just laying with your eyes closed, just living in the moment

I can’t put it to words, you know

Jesus Christ my saviour died to save a wretch like me

Man oh man, as happy as I am

How much happier should I be

I can’t put it to words

It’s just like being six and daddy coming home from work with gifts

Jump rope for me, hot wheels for bro

Taking us in his arms, smoothering kisses and warm tight hugs

Mommy looking on just smiling til we attack her with our love

a family united just sharing and being one together enjoying each others company

Creating long lasting memories carved into our hearts

I just can’t put it to words what Jesus means to me or how Jesus makes me feel

It’s just so much, It’s just so much

I can’t put it to words


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