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on May 23, 2010

Sometimes i feel behind in life, ya know.  I’m gonna be 30 this year and I won’t lie, when I was in highschool I had everything all planned out.  I’d have 3 kids by 25, be married by 21, have a condo by 24, have my own business and such.  So here I am at 30, no husband, no kids, still in school, still living at home.  It’s easy to get caught up and think, why are you punishing me God? What’s wrong with me?  But the thing is that’s coveteousness.  Why should I measure my life by another’s?  I shouldn’t.  I need to measure my life by God’s will.  The bible talks about marriage and children and all the rest, but it gives no timeline nor does it give a promise that any of these things will happen.  Here’s my fear, that I will want them so badly that I will compromise my faith and my walk with God to have them.

You know what makes a person whole?  I’ll tell you…Jesus.  As being who are born sinful, but with a sole purpose of glorifying God, our sin is the thing that keeps us from fulfilling our purpose.  Jesus is the redeemer whose shed blood cleanses or purifies us from sin so that we are made whole and able to complete our destiny.  Destiny isn’t the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves.  It is the calling put on our lives by God.  Unfortunately, we struggle to make it a priority.

I would love to be married, to have children and a successful career, but the cards I have are single, and childless.  It’s those cards I need to learn to play…at least for now, but then what more than now do I have.  Yesterday has past, tomorrow may never come, so now I need to focus on now and make the most of it.  I don’t know where you’re at in your lives, but I encourage you also to keep an eye on now and to live now to the best of your God given ability always remebering why you ae really  here.


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