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on May 23, 2010

Who says believer’s never feel pain, never doubt…that’s simply not true.  We just try not to dwell, but sometimes we need extra time to heal or get over.  God knows where we’re at, so no point in lying.  Instead tell Him the truth, he’s here to see you through.

I’ve faced the storm many times before

Still it never seems to get easier

It’s almost as though it’s harder each time

I feel like I should be able to do this

I feel like getting through this should be a breeze

After all practice makes better

But it still cuts so deeply

The waters are high and I feel like I’m drowning

I keep crying out, but it seems you can’t find me

I know that you’re here because my heads above water

I know on my own I’d surely have gone under

But it hurts me to breathe and I wanna give up

It’s now when I appreciate just how much you love me

More than I could ever love myself

You see in me something that makes you fight for me

I owe you everything, nothing held back

I can’t see why you’d use me, don’t know why you chose me

Can’t imagine ever living up to your glory

The ocean’s so deep, like a bottomless pit

I hate when my feet can’t touch the ground

It’s so hard to stay afloat and feel like I’m just drifting

Just floating away to the middle of nowhere

A vast sea of nothingness

But I know that there’s more to this

I know I have to see beyond me

Why God does it always have to feel so hard

I don’t expect easy, but I don’t enjoy pain

And right at the moment I can’t accept joy

It’s not that I’m doubting, but I can’t lie to you

So I won’t hide what I’m feeling

Guess it’s one of “those” days

Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter

Maybe the sun will shine on me

For now I’m just here, in this place, just floating away

I know when it’s time that you will carry me home

At least if I must hurt, please do teach me something

I’ll wait here and I’ll listen, just waiting to see what you’ve in store for me


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