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Live Well

on May 22, 2010

What a concept.  Saul wanted to kill David.  He thought that David wanted to harm him, but that wasn’t so. Saul had turned from God and so God turned from Saul.  David was annointed, but Saul was still king and David respected that.  Sometimes those in authority of us aren’t doing exactly as we please, for example governments going to war.  We may not agree, but we are still called to obedience and respect of authoritive figures.  That doesn’t mean we have to join the army, but others learn from our behaviours. We should pray for our soldiers and support them through encouragement and love, not judgement.  Remember, God did allow members of the government their positions.  Saying this we only need remember that God has ultimate authority, what happens he allows, but what choices we make need only be based on his commands.  Notice how Saul standing face to face with David and recognizing that David could have killed him and didn’t, now had the opportunity to seize David, but if even for the moment, Saul’s heart toward David changed.  That’s how we win souls, by doing the unexpected, repaying hate with love, evil with good…they will know us when they see how counter-cultural we are.  When others see our love and how it outweighs all, they’ll want to know why.

A bit off topic, I think of David and I look at how faithful he was in the beginning, how he depended on God for everything.  I think of how he got used to the comfort of being in God’s grace and then became lazy…stopped living to please God, but instead began to feel entitled to pleasing himself.  This is where he stayed home from war and commited adultry.  I bring this up because I see more and more that we do the same.  God saves us and we’re like totally on fire, all we want is to serve him, but over time we get comfortable.  We feel like we’ve done our time and deserve the good life.  The instance things aren’t going our way, we slowly begin to turn from God.  It frightens me.  I see so many do this.  God hasn’t given me the job i desire or the family, will I’ll just go out and get it any way I see fit cause I deserve it.  That’s a terrible attitude to have, but what’s cool is that if you were really a child of God, he doesn’t let you go.  You may rebel a little, but he draws you back.  I think of my own life, before I was saved.  So many instances where God should have let me be a product of my sin, but instead he saw me through eventually bringing me to himself.  Christ came to heal the broken, I love that.  Even a wretch like me, he had his hand over my life from day one.  God’s love is crazy, ain’t it?!!!


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