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on May 21, 2010

My friend wrote a really good note on facebook that really made me question “what the heck is love anyways?”  Somehow I think we’ve got it all wrong.  Now I’ve blogged about love and we all know 1 corinthians 13, but practically everyday, in friendships, in relationships, do we really love, like really?

This isn’t a devo, i couldn’t even get through my readings today because I just couldn’t get it, i couldn’t understand, why, why can we not love.  so i’m ranting.  I’m ranting and all I say applies to me, maybe you too, but you have to decide that.

Love is patient…really, so why’s it always so demanding.  why is it the second there isn’t perfection, exactly what I want…love’s out the door.  How come it doesn’t take it’s time and endure, waiting and helping people get over instead of judging, condemning.  The thing is we act like we’re not judgemental or condemning, but honestly, we try to analyze people.  figure why they do as they do…that’s judgement.  when you walk away from them and leave them to relish in their sin and shame…that is condemnation.  where’s the patience in our love?

Love is kind…ha, gimme a break. What is kindness? Telling people you care…no, it’s showing people you care.  Words are often empty, and actions do speak loudly.  We talk a lot, we really do, I really do, but where’s the action.  How often do I go out of my way to be a blessing to someone else.  I don’t have the time, the energy…the esteem to do that.  Uh huh, esteem, see that, me first.  Kindness is not about me, it’s about you…what can I do for you just out of the goodness of my heart, but the heart is deceitful and I’m too concerned about how I feel to be kind to you.

Love doesn’t envy…are you sure.  My entire life is envy.  I want her hair, his car, their house, her job, his love, their humility, her spirituality.  I want these things and they consume my life.  They’re my idols, I put them before God.  I want them more than I want him.  Love doesn’t boast.  Oh but I do.  I’m so full of pride.  I can’t just do and tell you about it because if you don’t know I did it, where’s my glory? Love may not be proud, but I definitely am.

Not rude…so those dirty looks, rolling of the eyes, slandering…I can’t even go on, I’m not a lover simply put, I’m not a lover and that hurts.  Love the one command that covers all the rest…I can’t live up to it, least not in my strength or ability…I need Jesus, but do I want him.  There are days when I really do, but their are days I could care less.  I only pray to God that his love for me is true.

I don’t mean to be a downer, we all have our days. Today is mine.  I won’t pretend to be perfect, no one is.  I’m not gonna act like my faith is always out of this world…it’s not.  I’m a little angry, I just am.  Why Christians always try to hindr God, why we don’t understand he can’t be stop or that it’s his show to run.  Why we place everything in our power instead of his.  Where’s faith in that?  Where’s love in that?  Not here, that’s for sure.  It’s a good thing I know what I know about him, because what I feel right now isn’t good, but don’t worry, I know what I know


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