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Praise Him All The Day

on May 20, 2010

ever stop and wonder, i mean really wonder at the thought that God picked you specifically to be His child.  I mean, millions aren’t chosen.  sometimes it’s just like, really God, really…me…why? doesn’t it make you wanna question just how sound his judgement is? of course he is God, so you roll with it.  you get all pumped and excited and you’re all like, “i’m totally gonna be his favorite”, right? so you start doing good deeds and acting holier than thou until inevitably, you fall.  and you now…the higher you are, the harder the fall…oops! you tried to sit on his pedestal didn’t you…i know i have.  when i was younger i always wanted to sit at the head of the table, the side my dad sat on just because he sat there.  as Christians we are to be more and more Christ like, but with the recognition that we ain’t him, ya know.  we’ll never surpass God and why would we want to.  I mean, he’s got a lot on his plate.lol  deal is, be the best you, but keep in mind why…him…and praise him all day long, all night long, good and bad times because he didn’t have to pick you, but he did.

I was reading Psalms 146-150…praise, praise, praise

Praise be to he who mends the brokenhearted, to him who heals the sick and the wounded.  Praise to him who allows these trials to chasten them he loves.  Praise to the only one holy, the only one good. Praise to the one who giveth and the one who taketh away, providing what we need.  Praise to he who knows better than we exactly what we each need.  Praise be to Lord and master of the storm, who stirs it up and calms it down.  Praise always to God, our Father.  Father we praise you for knowing us better than we know ourselves and for making the impossible possible through the power of your spirit.  We praise you for entrusting us with such power and with such a huge responsibility as to be a part of your kingdom.  Lord we bless your name.  We shout from mountain tops high and valleys low that our God reigns over all eternity and we give thanks and honor you.  We praise you for understanding us even when we don’t understand ourselves.  Father with a world so full of sin, anger and hurt it’s a wonder anyone comes to faith, but you lift above all adversity.  You Lord provide us with strength, wisdom and insight in an eternal view which gives us eternal hope.  The very earth cries out in anticipation of your return and our return back to glory.  Thank you father for chosing us and for being patient with our stubborn, deceitful hearts.  Thank you.


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