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My Lie…

on May 20, 2010

So I made a boo boo yesterday, I said that time heals all wounds…not so.  time heals no wounds, only God does that.  and no, I don’t believe he heals all wounds….he heals the wounds we allow him to heal.

It’s hard to accept that we can be made entirely brand new.  but God has that power.  you’re no longer that addict who has to use to numb your pain, because you now know the purpose of your life, you are able to endure the pain.  you’re not that person marred by childhood insults, now you know there’s a God who made you who you are and loves you unconditionally.  you’re not the victim of abuse who has to cringe when anyone comes near, now you know they’re sin was not your fault and their are embraces and touch’s of pure, real love.  you, in Christ are brand spanking new.

time…it doesn’t have to take years or months or even weeks or days to heal…though it may.  you can be healed instantly, just as soon as you open your eyes to truth…Jesus Christ being truth and accepting him as such. it’s a choice to allow God to take you through the process of healing.  sometimes its hurts, but all the times it’s worth it.

Father give me the courage and humility to cast my hurts upon you and trust and believe in your healing.  Amen


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