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Second Chances

on May 19, 2010

I needed to hear the following words today, they’re not mine I took them from another website.

Christ has a second chance for anyone who needs it, including you.

Maybe you’ve failed at something in life, and you think that dream is lost. I can tell you, though, from my own experience, that we serve the God of second chances. Right now I’m on my 47th or 48th chance. Or is it 348th chance?

I lost track about 30 years ago–and God doesn’t keep score either.

Whether it’s marriage, a job, a relationship, or your finances, God hasn’t given up on you. He wants to heal you, make you right, and guide you into the purpose he has for your life.

Your new mission for him may be different, in fact completely different from what you had in mind, but if you’re obedient, God will give you every tool and circumstance you need to accomplish it.

Don’t sell God short

We all tend to expect too little from God. We tend to imagine that he’s angry with us, that he carries a grudge and refuses to give us a second chance. That’s not the God of the Bible, and that’s certainly not Jesus.

Jesus continually reached out to people like you and me, people who need a second chance. Some had enough faith to receive it. Will you accept the second chance that God is offering you today?

See God realistically. See him mending your disappointment. See him running out to meet you, to give you another chance, just like the father of the prodigal son.

Your life isn’t wrecked for good. The most loving, powerful being in the universe wants to heal it, and he does have the power and creativity to do just that.

Will you say “yes” today to the God of second chances?

My reflection:

I’ve heard of people going into surgury, getting stitched up, but something is left inside their wound that causes an infection and kills them.  I think sometimes we get hurt and we think our wounds have been sealed and are healing, but unknowingly there’s something left inside that’s slowly killing us.  I know this is my case.  Now that I’ve discovered it I must cut the flesh again and go back in to get it out.  It’s not easy revisiting those old wounds, it hurts, especially when you have to do it alone, but it’s necessarily if you want to live.  And you’re not really alone, God is with you.

I really do thank God that He is a God of second chances.  How awesome is it that he looks at our heart and knows our pain.  How incredible is it that he understands what we’re going through and is willing to allow grace enough to get through so we can be better.  I guess the part I miss sometimes is that he knows what’s  best and that he wants the best for me.  I don’t recognise that my second chance may look completely different from what I had.  I want what I want…at the same time, sometimes I don’t want what he wants for me.  I don’t think that means he stops wanting it for me, but maybe he’s waiting for my eyes to be open so he can give me a second chance.  Either way, second chances are cool and people always mess up, God knows this for a fact, so he’s our God of second chances and with love and patience and his part and ours, he’ll lead us to where we need to be.


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