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Giants Fall Hard

on May 14, 2010

Oh Boy! We got a good one today. David and Goliath, we all know the story, but yo, read it again…trust me, you won’t regret it. the first thing I noticed is how Goliath calls them servants of Saul, what’s that all about? Maybe I’m reading too deep into it, but are they not to be recognised as servants of God. I mean when people look at me I want them to say “it’s the God in her”. That’s what it’s all about….least what it should be about. Small, but big point, who’s your master? These guys who God has delivered so many times are like trembling in fear. Notice how no one prays or looks to God. Instead they just fear….that is until young David comes along. He gets there and everyone’s like “yo Dave did you see, did you hear dude, there’s like this giant with a 600lb sword challenging us. Man Israel gonna fall for sure.” David this short, young kid’s response is “tisk, but who would dare challenge God? That’s just dumb!” Dave’s older bro hears him and gets angry…pride…basically he’s just hating because he’s a coward and his little brother has courage in faith.

David goes to Saul and says “send me”. Ok, check this out, when was the last time you said to God, “send me”. There are a lot of Christians being sent all over the world into hostile environments to spend the gospel…but here’s the deal, if you’re living in North America, friends you are living in a hostile environment. Are you spreading the Word? Are you scared or do you trust God enough to say “who can stand against me?”. Saul is at first hesitant to send David, but David has the spirit of God in him and this bold faith that can’t be denied. See, David was a shepard boy. Long, long hours spend out in the pasture with sheep…boring…not at all glamourous…but God was preparing him fo rthis very moment. Ever feel like, “man my life sucks, why the heck am I here? Nothing, nothing at all happens without reason and if you are a believer all things will work out for good so put on a happy face. God is preparing you for something.

Saul suits him up to send him to battle….here’s the cool part, David takes off the armour and heads out with his sling shot and 5 stones. Goliath is like insulted, “child, you come to me with sticks, HA, I will kill you and feed you to the birds” David’s like “please, dude you’ve got a sword, but I have God” Don’t you love that. I love that. I have God, I have God, You have God. What are we afraid of? Come on, whose gonna defeat God? NO ONE! Needless to say, with a single shot, down goes Goliath, how easily he falls. READ THIS PLEASE, 1 Samuel 17. Get encouraged, uplifted and renewed. Our God is an awesome God, a God who has already given us the victory. Live that.


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