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Look deep into my…heart?

on May 13, 2010

Saul’s out, David’s in.  I believe it was Jesse Cantalon who spoke at my school and said, “God doesn’t need you!!”  Does that surprise any one?  He went on to explain, God does not need us, he’s gonna get done what he has to with or without us, but as believers we have the privilage to choose to be a part of what he’s doing.  Tell me that isn’t awesome.

Saul choose not to be a part of God’s great work…not directly, but through disobedience.  So last night you went to the club, had a few beers, found a “friend” to take home, in fact not just last night, but for the past 3 months every single weekend.  But you know, you go to church on Sundays…so you don’t read the bible daily, well in all honesty not even weekly or monthly for that matter, but you praise your heart out on Sunday.  Yeah so your attitude towards your co worker sucks, she deserves it, you only gossip about her because everyone else is doing it too and besides she’s weird and it’s ok cause every Sunday you ask forgiveness about it. So praying isn’t a part of life really unless you want or need something, God understands you don’t have time, besides you pray on Sunday in church…You know the bible doesn’t say we’ll all be perfect because we believe, but it does call us to a standard of effort.  You can be totally comfortable just entering inside, but wouldn’t you rather kick your shoes off, grab a drink and sit and chill in front of the big screen?  So why do so many believers only enter the door to God’s kingdom and stay right there on the welcome mat?  Do love God, he says clearly in his word if you love me you’ll obey my word.  Sure we’ll all slip up here and there…but intentionally?  Never lose sight of the BIG picture of eternity, it’s the only thing that can keep us in focus.

God chose David to replace Saul.  David wasn’t the biggest, strongest, bestest anything in his family.  In fact by appearance, even Samuel didn’t think he’d be the chosen one, but God choose him. God said…and keep this in mind…”Do not look on appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him.  For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” I shouldn’t even need to explain this.  We all know, yet we forget. This is why the bible says don’t judge people, judgement belongs to the Lord because only he can see a person’s true heart…their motive or intent. David wasn’t going to lead a perfect rule.  In fact he’d make many mistakes, but he was considered faithful, a man after God’s own heart.  I ask you, look inside yourself and ask, am a man or woman after God’s own heart?  Do my desires and ambitions line up with his?  If not am I attempting to make it so?  By studying his word, speaking with him asking him for this?  Look deep in your own heart…make the necessary changes.

God I thank you that we can change, that we have this undying hope that can give us unwavering faith.  Lord, we’re not perfect, yet we’re blameless in your eyes.  How cool is that!  Father you are so awesomely amazing.  Thank you for your forgiveness Lord, I mean WOW what you’ll forgive of a truly repentant heart.  Father you take a heart of solid stone and make it flesh.  You take the dead and give them new life.  You are a God of transformations, you love is steady and unfailing.  Thank for your consistancy because it allows us to always believe and feel secure and at peace in your love.  Thank you for healng our shame and guilt.  May we seek your heart Lord, may we seek that our hearts would look like yours.  May we not go through the motions nor stand still, but may we bring heartfelt efforts to the glorification of your kingdom and your majestic name.  Lord you are our lover, our friend, our all and all, we thank you.  Amen


One response to “Look deep into my…heart?

  1. David Loyd says:

    Wow, that is very good. The Lord has given you wisdom and insight. Keep up the good work!

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