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on May 12, 2010

Oops, uh oh, what have we here?  I’ll tell you what, selfishness.  Do you realize that to live the life God intended for us we must be completely selfless…not an easy task.  Pride is surely the greatest downfall of man.  Take Eve for instance, due to pride it wasn’t good enough to be creation and second in charge, she just had to be like God…wasn’t that Satan’s sin as well?  All throughout scripture we see pride getting people in trouble.  It sure got King Saul in trouble, in fact it lot him his kingship.  What about us?  Do a pride check in your own life.

Again we have God going before Saul and his army leading them to defeat…God, not the army, not Saul brought the victory.  What does Saul do?  Disobey by doing exactly as God told him to.  God said kill these sinners, all of them including all their livestock.  Saul keep all the good livestock…supposedly to sacrifice to God and even keep their king alive.  Was that what God asked of him, no.  Can we relate to this in any way.  Let’s see, Paul says die to yourself.  He says live through Christ, don’t be a slave to your sin.  Hmmm, any examples, let’s see…oh well there’s that really hot guy, I mean he’s not Christian, but I could totally convert him if I can just get him to fall in love with me, we can get married and eventually he’ll turn to God…I mean God wants us to be a light right?  Gees I know the church has bills to pay, and we’ve been a little under budget lately, but I mean that drill is only on sale this week and I only have $200.  Think of all the handy work I can do around the church with it.  God will understand if I don’t tithe or give offering this week, it’s just one week. Ha, well yeah the movies a bit sketchy.  There’s a couple sins of nudity and sex, they curse God’s name a few times, but it’s just entertainment.  Uggh, mother you so frustrate me, I hate it when you speak like that, just leave me alone!!!  Johnny, wow you’re stupid!  Shall I continue?  You get it right?  How often do we compromise, I bet on a daily basis.  You think God doesn’t notice.  Yeah, Jesus reconciles us, we are blameless, but does that make it hurt God less?  Does that mean we don’t try to be better?  You can’t have one foot in the world and the other in Heaven.  I fear greatly because many “believers” are living such compromised lives and as the time draws nearer, the gray area will get smaller and smaller…Christian you must choose your side.

God led them to victory and Saul builds a monument of himself.  When you have victory or success do you realize that it’s only because God allowed it.  Do you praise him or is it all about you?  Think of your prayer life even, is it all me, me, me I want this or do you praise him for what you have, where you’ve been, all that’s happening in your life right now…even adversity, do you praise that you know he is with you carrying you through?

God regretted making Saul king.  No he didn’t change his mind, he always knew it would come to this, but do you think God knowing all…when we’ll disobey, when we’ll disown, when we’ll fall…do you think that makes him hurt less over our rebellion…it doesn’t it.  Still, he disciplines the ones he loves and at times we will feel his wrath, but it will be in love so long as we’re his.  I simply urge you to try to be better.  Be aware of who you are and what you do.  Know God’s spirit is within and little by little you can improve.  Never stop growing in faith and love.

Father you have made us in your very image to do your works Lord.  You’ve given us the privilage of being called sons of God.  Thank you Father for such an awesome blessing.  We are chosen to be your representatives here on earth with uncompromising faith.  May your Spirit guide us on our journey to righteousness.  You allowed room for mistakes, you mercy forgives, your grace erases and we are made blameless in your eyes. Thank you for the cross of Jesus who though God became man and suffered greatly for our redemption.  May we recognise our sinful nature and acknowledge our need of you.  Thank you for opening closed eyes to your glory and deprived minds to your wisdom.  You Lord alone are good and through you we are made good.  What a blessing Holy one.  You’ve set us apart, a people willing to give up everything for you.  May we not take our call lightly but choose to walk in obedience, knowing you are with us always.  Bless your name my King now and forever, bless your awesome name.  Amen


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