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on May 11, 2010

And so it begins.  You know a lot of people speak about being a product of circumstance and think it impossible to change who they are.  The good news is that one can change their identity completely.  I’m not speaking about name changes and such, but about heart changes.  That was a little off track, I read about Saul and Jonathan this morning.  While Saul was breaking commandments and making rash calls, Jonathan, his son, continued to trust in God.  I point this out because again, you don’t have to surcome to circumstance when you have the Spirit of God in you.  Jonathan could have easily chose to follow his father’s example, butt Jonathan had integrity and furthermore he had faith.  He believed God would save them and he remembered who God was.  When we’re in difficult situations and all the cards are stacked against us, friends and family alike oppose us, stand strong in the Lord for He is our strength and He can see us through all things.

I worry, or rather my heart breaks over the number of believers who stray left and right because it’s what everyone else is doing.  The world has such power and influence over us, but it shouldn’t.  Our faith is lackluster.  People get married and adversity strikes and their love fails, we try to achieve things in honor of God and the enemy opposes and hope fades.  I feel as though my faith is solid.  I examine myself regularly, my thought and answers so that I can see where I need to step up in serving God and I feel like God is my stronghold, my rock and foundation, like I could never slip away.  Yet I speak with so many who don’t share this.  They live in fear of falling away.  Some ask can one be sure of their salvation and I feel that I am.  Am I wrong?  Why would God give my all this hope, why would he transform my life entirely, give me and new mind and heart, if only to fool and give me false hope…hope that could fade away…play tricks with my mind.  Would my God do this.  I don’t see deceit in the character of God.  Though deceit is in man and it is in man’s heart.  Maybe therein lies the problem.  Maybe everyone is listening to their heart and their feelings rather than God’s word.  I don’t measure myself against my feelings or personal opinions, I measure myself against God’s word, his standards.  And I place my faith not in what I do or who I am, but in what he’s done and who he is.  There are those with false security in a salvation don’t really have, lead astray by false teachers and their own lofty ideas, but I think one can know for sure.  It’s not simply a feeling, there’s something more powerful there that I can’t put to words, but I know that I’m His forever.  I KNOW!!

Majestic Maker, Infinite Father, Blessed King how I adore thee.  Lord over my life, Ruler over the universe, God of my salvation how I praise thee.  Your name is beyond any this human language can speak.  Your name is power and mite, it is hope and peace, it is the beginning and the end.  Lord God thank you for a blessed assurance.  Thank you God for peace and security.  Thank you Lord for victory.  As we fight this battle day to day in your Holy name may we be reminded that it is you within not us without that fights through us.  Father you don’t need us, yet you’ve chosen us.  What a privalige, what an honor, what an undeserved gift.  Thank you Lord.  May we reach deep within and in brokeness and humility may we access the power you have given us and use it for your glory.  May we be reminded Dear God that we already have the victory, that the prize was won the day Christ died and from the day he rose we also were raised to be new creatures.  Take the lead and may we follow you dear God with our entire beings mind, body and soul.  I pray for those who are lost and confused that they may seek and find truth.  For deprived minds I pray for wisdom, for the hopeless and weary and pray for faith.  And I think you Lord that these things you give to those who love you, peace, hope and love.  Bless you powerful name.  Amen


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