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Careful now

on May 10, 2010

Be careful what you ask for cause you just might get it.  Hmm, does that apply with God as well?  I think it does.  I mean whatever happens, He must allow.  When Satan wanted Job, he had to ask permission.  So, we get the Israelites saved and saved again and yet they ask for a King.  Samuel knows this isn’t right, but God says “No, let them have their king, but they will see.  My grandma always use to say “who doesn’t hear must feel”  Well friends, this is exactly what God is saying.  You know who I am. I’ve given you my commands. If you don’t wanna listen you’ll just have to feel the pain.  And here we begin the story of Israel’s first king, Saul.  Something to point out, notice that the king came from the least of the tribes, Benjamin.  I just point this out because our world has this hierarchy system where the greatest and best are the ones with the most, but that’s not God’s system.  In fact God’s system is the exact opposite.  In our weakness He is made strong.  Scripture says it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the gates of Heaven.  Be careful where your value lies.  Put first the kingdom of God always and it won’t matter what your position in life is, the Lord will lift you on high.  Besides ever notice how kids in third world countries can find joy in the littlest things, meanwhile our kids you give any and everything yet there’s never satisfaction….think about that.  Find your joy in God and God alone.  Remember your inheritance, in eternity you will reign with Christ.  Back to the Israelites, once Samuel appoints Saul, they sing “long live the king”  Wow, what blasphemy.  Talk about spitting in God’s face.  So Samuel speaks, he says my work is done.  I served God faithfully all my life and who can speak against me? You asked me to do this horrendous thing and here, now you have a king, but don’t think God’s happy about it….the sweetest part is….as Samuel remind Israel of all the times God’s delivered them, he says IF you and the king obey God’s commands all will be well with Him—GRACE, MERCY, FORGIVENESS—however if you and the king do not obey you won’t be so lucky.  I think it’s awesome that despite how irritated God must have been, despite how much it had to have hurt him that they wanted king instead of Him, he was still willing to bless them if they followed his command…with their king.  In your life ever blatantly disobey God, do something entirely terrible, realize it ask forgiveness and what should have ended in complete turmoil for you, God turns into a blessing?  He does that, He does it often for His children because He is gracious.  You gotta love our God, eh.  So there’s hope yet…there’s always hope because God forgives.  I guess the lesson of the day is repentance.  We all sin.  We all dishonor God…spit in His face so to speak.  Well, don’t give up, turn back to Him whether near or far, acknowledge your wrong, ask forgiveness and turn away from it, He will take you back.

Merciful God, we come humbly before you Lord in recognition of our sinfulness.  We lay at your feet our pride, our guilt and our shame.  Father as we attempt to walk a straight and narrow path which you have laid before us, there are times when we stumble, but Lord God you catch us as we fall into your arms and you put us back on our feet.  Lord we thank you.  God the world sells false promises and dreams, but your Word will never ever fail us, your promises remain true.  Lord help us to always keep our eyes on eternity and Heaven lest we forget what we’re walking towards.  Help us dear God to be remain in your grace and to accept what persecution and adversity may attempt to hinder us because as face challenges in this world we draw nearer to you.  In our moments of weakness God your glory shines through as your strength carries us.  Father God we can’t do it alone, nor should we try to.  We acknowledge you here today as our strength, our provider, our deliverer, the one who rescues us and sets us free, our Father the one almighty King.  Lord may your love reign down on us and may we carry it out into the world and bless your name that others may see and accept you.  Father we walk this walk not for us, not for our reward, but because the very one who created us deserves complete honor and glory.  Allow us to put aside ourselves and recognize the only one worthy of praise, you our Heavenly God.  May the Holy Spirit guide us along the way and may we be enlightened Father God and empowered by your ways through the spirit and your word.  In you we have all that we need, not water, not money, not food, but in you and you alone we have everything.  Thank you Lord for revealing yourself and your truth to us and thank you Lord remaining faithful to us.  All glory and honor and praise be yours forever.  Amen


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