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Dear Mom, I Love You

on May 8, 2010

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done

For all you’ve been to me

More than just a child bearer, a nourisher, protector

You’re been my nurse and chef and more

In humility you served me

I want you to know how much that means to me

I don’t take it lightly

Mother you chose to love me and that I’m grateful for

I look around the world and see so many without moms

or even those whose mom’s abuse and once again I say

Mom you are the world to me, all that I wish to be

Your words are few, but your heart shines through

Your actions speak loud and clear

Compassion, integrity, gentleness and kindness

A woman after God’s own heart and I’m so proud to be a part…

A part of your life

God gave to you a child in me and to me a mom in you

God gave us to each other, a very special gift

A connection deep, from in the womb, from the point of conception

You’ve been my mom and always will be and that I’d never change

So just to sum it all up mom, I Love You so.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for mothers.  God you intended each and everyone of us.  Bless the women who have been used by you bring forth new life.  Bless also those who stayed the part and influenced new lives.  It takes more than birth to make a mom and Lord you use so many.  May they all feel loved and cherished.  Father blessings for those godly women bringing up godly children.  Mothers in a sense hold the future in their hands in the form of children.  Thank you Lord for inspiring and upholding good moms, may you continue to do so.  And with this in mind may we continue to adore and respect our mothers for all the days of our lives.  Thank you Lord, thank you.  Amen


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