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Who is your King?

on May 7, 2010

Aha that’s right, we’re at the point where Israel asks for a king.  Here they have the one and only true king and God and they ask for a human king to lead them.  I want to talk today about us, umm hmm, you and me.  Who are our kings?  Friends we are citizens of Heaven.  Did you know that?  Before you’re Canadian you’re a citizen of Heaven.  Before you’re a “insert surname”, you’re a child of God.  Before you’re black or white or asian, you’re a Christian.  So here you are, God’s child born into the world as a Christian to lead an example for others as to how a citizen of Heaven lives.  Isn’t that cool?  Have you ever heard of already, not yet?  We’ve already been saved and set from sin. As Jesus sits up in Heaven interceding on our behalf, the Holy Spirit already lives within us empowering us to grow in wisdom and discernment and defeat temptions which may lay at hand.  Jesus has not yet returned and we have not yet received the full glory of God, but have enough to get us through today.  I’m telling you all this because sometimes…often, we look like the Israelites.  We have God, yet we ignore all the great things he’s done in our lives, we ignore his promises and fact that he is King over all and in complete control…yes even in bad times…we ignore and seek for ourselves kings.  Sometimes it’s not even that we seek them, but just that we accept them.  Our kings become idols because we’d rather turn to them than to seek Gods’ counsel or to obey His will.  For instance, we are to obey our government…pay your taxes, but not at the expense of God’s commands  God is always number one ruler.  I emphasize this because we’re so ruled by the world.  The world says hit the gym 6 days a week, dye your hair blonde, get a tan…God says your beauty should come from within and come with humility.  The world says buy a 5 bedroom house, drive a luxery vehicle, have 2.5 kids and spend your time working to pay for it all instead of caring for your family.  God says the victory and joy is in Christ and Christ alone.  Be a good stewart of your time, use it to expand the kingdom.  just quck examples, but you see where I’m coming from.  For God to be our king, we must trust him to direct our paths and we must be grateful in each and every moment, for each and every day.


One response to “Who is your King?

  1. Tony says:

    I really love how you talk about how we as humans and especially as CHRISTIANS get so caught up with the WORLD, but forget all about God or put him on the back burner…..wow i am amazed.

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