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Eternally Blessed

on May 6, 2010

What a past two days! So, God is good.  I’ma rant a little, but a good rant.  Isn’t it simply amazing, astonishing even how abundantly gracious and completely magnificant God is.  I mean really, truly, madly, deeply, just good.  He sure puts a smile on my face.  The crazy thing is that we so often forget eh?  I mean I’m in 1 Samuel and I’m watching these Israelites and it’s like the same ol same ol STILL and I’m thinking, darn, we’re STILL that way today.  Ya know.  God does these great things in our lives and we appreciate it and love Him only until….awww, something less than perfect happens and we’re back in the dumps.  What if, w hat if track with here…we actually praised him in every circumstance.  How would that look.  If we trusted Him.  Hmmm, interesting concept. I kinda think we’d be blessed.  No, allow me to rephrase that, we would totally be blessed.  Don’t believe me, try it and see.  See joy isn’t simply a feeling of satisfaction, joy is an action of contentment and praise.  Joy is in your attitude and it reaches the depths of your heart and soul.  Joy is a way you choose to be, to live in faith is joy.

Ok so I was gonna go on this missions trip which fell through on Tuesday night.  I got an email letting me know they couldn’t process Canadians…then Wednesday morning I get an email from a job interview, which was my back up plan, didn’t get the position.  So I call up my boss from last year, get dial tone.  However, I madde a conscious decision not to sweat, but to just trust God with the situation.  Last evening(Wednesday) I get an email out of the blue from an interview I did over a month ago…got the position.  I’m not saying to you, trust God and only good things will happen.  I’m saying trust God and he’ll carry you through the bad things.  There will always be good in the end, whether in life or in death because we don’t really die, we have eternal life. So all I want to say is Thank you sweet Jesus for blessing us with an eternal hope that brings with it eternal joy.


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