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on May 4, 2010

I love the old testament.  How any true believer could say that it is not applicable to Christians, I simply will never understand.  Disclaimer, it was written to a specific people at a specific time for a specific purpose, however so was the New Testament.  Both can be applied to lives of Christians, both must be read in context to discern their true meaning.  Moving forth, i am no in 1 Samuel.  I wanna talk a little about faith today.  You see Hannah had faith, the kind of faith we should all want.  I picked up on a little something something though.  Hannah’s womb was closed and she was saddened because her husband’s other wife teased her about it.  The thing that stuck with me is when her husband says to her “am I not more to you than ten sons.”  That struck me because it’s again that view of God giving us something to be cherished, a privilage to have and us saying, but I want more and not being content.  Spouses and children are not promised to us, remember that and if you’re single, praise God for all you do have and be content in your life because you know Jesus.  Alright so the juice, Hannah prays to God for a child and says that if she gets this child she will give him to God.  I like this, she desired something and lifts it up to God, but the great part is….she is no longer saddened.  She’s not yet pregnant, but she took her concern to God and left it with Him.  Now that my friends is faith.  It totally brought a smile to my faith.  How many times do we say “God please…” but continue to moan and try for ourselves or not believe he will do?  Not Hannah, she prayed and she believed.  She trusted God to give her what she needed and eventually he did.  I love that.

Side note, I have a special friend, I call them special because their faith is soooo great, but check this out, we were speaking about job interviews and they say to me, “I love job hunting” Now, I’m like, who likes job hunting, all the rejection and frustration.  But they say, “I know I’m gonna get a job.  I don’t know where or when, but I turst God to provide”  That’s some crazy face.  How different would our lives look if we had faith that gave us that kind of hope.  “Naw, I won’t sweat today, I know God has a plan.”  Do you know that God has a plan for your life?  He does.  Are you willing to trust him and wait on him and praise all the while?

Hannah recieved her son and she gave him to God.  You know what God did?  He blessed her with 5 more children.  See what can happen when we wait on him.  Wow, so cool.  I’m in the pits now, but God will one day bless me beyond my greatest expectations, if only I obey and keep the faith.  What a testimony.

My God, my awesome and powerful Maker,  how many ways can I possibly thank you.  Obedience is what you ask, obedience and faith.  Lord I am faithful, I do believe that you and only you substain life.  Thank you blessed father for showing us the way.  May we wait patiently on you as you prepare our way.  Almighty I love you with all of me.  What more can I say, you stole see my heart.


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