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on May 3, 2010

I read Ruth today.  However, yesterday the pastor spoke about redemption so I’ll give you his take on that.  We are redeemed, as I’m sure you all know.  We’re redeemed by Jesus blood, but what does that even mean.  Summary:  God created Adam and Eve, but when they obeyed Satan instead of God, Satan usurped or in other words, took over the authority God had originally given man.  Catch this, man was supposed to have dominion or “rule” over the earth, but today, who is the prince of the earth…Satan…only Satan has no right to this claim, but since sin divided man from God, Satan is able to act this way.  So here enters the blood, the ever so precious blood.  With Satan at reign, we are slaves to sin(Satan, flesh and world)  Christ’s death has bought us back from this slavery.  That’s what redemption is, it’s being bought back.  But here’s the really touching part, really we were always His.  God created us, we got lost and when he found us lost and trapped in sin, He was willing to buy us back with the very blood of Son…that’s a hefty cost to pay for something that was yours in the first place…but God loves us that much.  So he owns us twice over! Remember that next time you doubt his love or feel unloved, you have a God who paid you twice.

Wonderful, merciful Father, creator of heaven and earth, only you are worthy to be praised.  Lord we recognise the abundance of love you have for us.  We acknowledge our sin and our shame, but frther more we acknowledge that you wash them away.  In you lord we are saved from sin, redeemed from all the temptations and lies that once clouded our judgement.  We have now in us your very Spirit…God IN us.  How powerful, how awesome that you would enter into our hearts, our minds and our souls so that once again we might reign victoriously here on earth.  Father we understand that we have not seen the full glory of God yet, but we understand that we are to live in glory we have seen and recieved.  We’ve a peace that the world can not understand.  A peace that lies in our future hope. an eternal hope, a hope founded in victory.  Lord God may we proclaim your mighty name in the streets of our cities, on the hills of our countries, from mountain tops and valleys may we bring you praise.  Thank you Abba Father for a love unparalleled, a love undeserved, a love unconditional.  We bless you name in trials and through storms, as we know the fire to refine.  We bless you name in good times and through all times, every circumstance, we bless you name and sing you praises, Hallelujah, Hallelujah we serve a living God of mercy and of grace.  Father fill us with compassion that brings us to action.  May we live as you’ve taught us, may we forgive as you forgive.  Free us from all anger and any sin that entangles as we flee from temptation and doubt, fear and deceit.  May we live in your word, through you word, through the blood of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Spirit.  Fill us once again anew.  We love you Father, we adore you.  All praises unto you.  Hallejulah and Amen!


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