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on April 30, 2010

I just finished Judges…which I need to study deeper because I definitely did not fully understand a lot of that book. Anyhow, today I really just want to pray.

Magnificent God, how great you are. Lord I just want to bring you praises. Father your word never falls short. You God are truth and knowing you has brightened my days and given value to my life. Yet with the value comes great responsibility to obey you. Lord hear my prayer today, I only long to please you. Mighty God within me is the power of victory. We Lord are victorious in the name of your son Jesus and Lord God I only wish to die to my own selfish nature and ambitions and live a life in full honor and praise of you. You said ask and you will recieve, I’m asking, Father help my desires remain in line with yours. Help me to recognise continually eternal hope which has been given to me. The world surrounds me physically yet you Lord surround me spiritually and it is the spirit which endures beyond this life. Father may I take ownership of the gifts you have given give. May I flee from evil always and instead search after and pursue righteousness and godliness each and every day. Forgive me of my stubbornness. Heal me from hurt which hinders. The heart is deceitful and feelings unreliable. May I be open to whatever wisdom you feed my soul. Nourish me Father God, nourish me with your word and your blessing. I will trust you with all my being, I will trust you and obey.


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