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My Reflection

on April 26, 2010

I’m about half way through Judges and as I read I just shake my head.  It’s astonishing at how the Israelites just don’t learn.  Continually, it’s the same ol’ same ol’, God saves, they prosper, they forget, God turns, they suffer, they remember and beg, God saves.  In chapter 10 though it gets to a point where God is like “forget this action, all I’ve done for you and you keep going back to baal(other god), forget it, why should I save you? Let baal save you”  So the Israelites put away their gods, accepting their discipline and worshiping God until God finally once again comes to their rescue.  And I’m just shaking my head…but wait, STOP!

I look in the mirror and…and..I look like an Israelite.  How many times do I go to church and not give an offering because, well, I only have so much money and I mean I need it for “better” things?  How often do I waste time doing meaningless things when I could be out serving God? How is it I’m almost always worrying or freting over where I am in life, who I’m with or not woth for that matter?  What day does God take full priority in my life.  I mean I live my life and I can’t stop living it, but how much is God really at the forefront of my mind in all my daily activities.  I’ll tell you what usually is…money, security, beauty, confidence, independance, social status, the list goes on and on.  If I spend more time thinking about these things and more energy to gain these things…are they not idols or gods in my life?  If God is protecting me, if He is providing for me, why aren’t I living wholy for him?  Could it be that I like the Israelites don’t completely trust? Is it that I’m ungrateful?  Or maybe, it’s just easier to live for these things than it is to live for God.  I can make all the excuses in the world…but I’m able to do right if I so choose, but I first must choose.


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