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on April 25, 2010

Just got in from church.  You know, I hear people say that they don’t like church or question whether the church is even significant in the life of a believer.  Friends, it is. First and foremost the church is not a four walled building, it’s a fellowship of believers.  And we do need eachother.  We gather not just to hear the word, but to grow in the word TOGETHER.  Through out the week we may work in secular environments or just face a lot of challenges.  When we gather with others who share our beliefs, our family, we lift the Lord’s name together.  There’s a unity that provides encouragement, motivation…a spurring on and even rebuke and correction where necessary.  That’s the function of the church.  Really, we should be in the Word daily, worship daily, pray daily, but we have the privilage of one or more times a week doing this communally and that should be valued, not scorned.  So go to church when you can and recognize it’s not all about you or me, it’s about US, do it for US.

Just a couple things I got today, first a couple comics that were shared.  The first, a man prays to God for protection, as he walks down the street he feels a rock hit him in the head and sees a couple others pass him.  He says “why God”, but as he turns to see where the rocks are coming from, he sees Jesus before him getting hit by huge boulders, while some small rocks manage to pass him. Point, God is before us, protecting us, but he does allow some pain and suffering to enter in our lives…always for a reason…but he’s still there and he is protecting us.

The second was about a group of people carrying these huge crosses on their backs.  One guy says, Lord my cross is far too heavy, please cut off a bit.  So the Lord cuts a bit off his cross.  Everyone else continues to carry their big, heavy crosses.  He feels good and is walking faster, but after a while says again please cut off a bit more, it’s still too heavy, so the Lord cuts off more.  It finally gets to the point the man’s cross is so small it’s about the size of a back pack.  He’ running ahead of everyone else with their big heavy crosses, but he comes to a huge gap in the road that he can’t cross.  The others with their big crosses begin to catch up and they get to the gap in the road and they lay down their crosses and cross over.  Point, count the cost.  Christianity is not an easy walk, but Jesus says you must pick up your cross and follow Him.  We can look for the easy ways of the world, but remember it’s the cross that bought us victory so without it…

I loved the message today, it was about moving up in our faith.  The scripture was Philippians 3:12-21, please do read it.  The goal of any true Christian is to be more and more Christ-like and since we can not reach that perfection until his return, we always have room for growth.  So here’s the question as the pastor put it, “Are you a settler or a pioneer?”  Are you content to stay where you are in your faith or are you pressing on to pioneer a new work, a deeper faith? Pastor touched on many things, but one to note is to forget about what you did and focus on what you’re doing and what you’re going to do. Don’t allow past shame, guilt, anger , envy or depression to control you.  You do that.


One response to “Transformed

  1. godsfirst says:

    I just want to add to the post…by forgeting your past, it means don’t dwell in it or live in those memories. This includes your past victories because if you dwell in them you’ll become prideful and feel as though you’ve done enough. Until death carries us home, we can never have done enough for God.

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