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I’m Back

on April 22, 2010

I really just had to share this.  So I was driving along today listening to You’re my Healer by Kari Jobe and I suddenly feel like I’m just surrounded by this total peace and serenity.  So I’m singing “I believe you are all I need, I believe you’re my portion, I believe you’re more than enough for me, Jesus you’re all I need”  and boy oh boy, I felt heaven.  I start thinking to myself, is this what it’s gonna be like.  I mean, the freedom, the total awe.  Just us, just believers and our God, and we’re just worshipping him and he’s enough, he’s all we need.  No one against us, no other faiths to challenge us, no temptations, JUST US.  I can’t wait, I can’t wait to get there and be with my Jesus.  I’m excited and more so I’m on fire.  I wanna do all I can to see as many people led to him as possible and no we don’t save ’em, but we can play a part, we can introduce them.  Just one more voice to add to the choir, God’s ultimate and final choir.  I can’t wait.

Ok, now I feel a little rant coming on, bear with me.  Brothers and sisters where is our community…no scratch that…where’s our family.  We’re family, why don’t we act like it.  I don’t act like it and I’m tired.  I’m embarrassed and I’m ashamed of my own actions because I don’t act like it.  You know when you’re little and all you want, you’re biggest dream is to have a brother or sister, especially a younger one.  God’s given you and I millions of brothers and sisters and we treat each other like strangers.  We don’t love one another enough to care.  I mean where’s the encouragement, where’s the “go sister go”.  I have a friend who shall remain nameless whose just like totally awesome.  They’ll stop and pray on the spot for any little need I have.  They’ll spur me on when I’m afraid and remind of who my Father is.  They’ll forgive me when I’m stupid and really let it go and just continue to love on me and be my sibling with as close to a Christ like love I’ve ever seen a human give.  I really value that friendship, it keeps me driven, makes me wanna do more for God because I feel so blessed and so supported in my efforts.  Being a Christian and taking a stand for God isn’t easy in the world.  Everything and at times everyone is against you and you feel so alone, so broken, so hurt.  You lose hope.  You wanna fight, but there’s nothing left in you, all you can do is cry and hide away.  But this is why God gave us eachother, be there for eachother.  We need to stop doing our friendships, our relationships with believers just like everyone else does.  We’re not like everyone else.  We’re family.  We have a Father who IS love, so as His children, let’s be love too.  Let me know when I’m slipping, so I don’t fall on my face, cause I wanna be better.  I wanna give more of me…to you.  I wanna give all of me…for Him

I am free.  i AM free.  i am FREE. I AM FREE!!!  I need to live this out.


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