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Didn’t I Say Remember?

on April 22, 2010

Judges begins with a little case of amnesia.  Uh-oh!  There’s a very valuable lesson we MUST learn.  Sin reaps consequences.  Yes, God does forgive us, but He doesn’t remove the consequence.  Every action has a reaction and if the action is bad…what’d you expect?  Joshua lived a life in obedience to God.  He fulfilled his purpose honorably.  Much land was conquered, it’s inhabitants destroyed and the Israelites given the promised land from God. Unfortunately after Joshua died, so too did obedience and faith.  As the Israelites went forth to complete obtaining all the promised land, they stopped destroying the inhabitants and to this very day those people live among them in the land.  I really want you to see the significance of this.  Right now, today, we have war and problems in Israel…they didn’t start recently.  Remember the other day, I said the root and the end result are found in scripture.  The very root began in Genesis when Abraham didn’t have faith enough to trust God would give him the descendants he was promised.  Instead, he listened to his wife, whom also lacked faith and had a baby with Haggar, the slave.  Because God had promised he would bless Abraham’s first son, he had to bless Ishmael, but friends Ishmael was not who God intended to be Abraham’s first son and he was not the one by whom the nation God had promised would come.  But there was sin and so there was consequence.  God said their would be hostility between Ishmael(Arabs/muslims) and Isaac(Jews) and to this day their descendants war. Sin and consequence.  The land is very important, because this promised land is what the big fight is over today…who has rights to the land? Well, think this over, had the Israelites done as they were commanded and destroyed the inhabitants before moving into the land, who would be there today to fight with them?  This is simply to show you sin and consequence because these things have to happen, but apply this to your own life.  I love what one preaher says, “when God says don’t, he means don’t hurt yourself”. Breaking any commandment ultimatly results in us hurting ourselves.

The second thing I want you to get today is again, remember.  After Joshua and his generation died out, their children forgot all that God had done.  Scripture teaches us to teach our children God’s word, write it on their hearts.  Do you see how important this is.  We don’t build alters and the church is a people not a building, therefore the word and the remembrace of all God has done must be written on the hearts of people continually so that they never fade away.  We have a whole lot of “believers” who take faith for granted because it comes so easy, but you know what? Our walk isn’t supposed to be easy.  So if yours is a cake walk, I strongly urge you to examine yourself in the faith because somethings wrong.  There are people dying each and every single day for the name of Jesus…DYING.  North America, we’ve got it easy, too easy and so we’ve become lukewarm…of no good use whatsoever!  God despises this, you’re either hot or your cold.  You can not live with one foot in the world and the other in heaven.  It just doesn’t work that way.  You’re either for God or against him so you decide to get on this ship otherwise it’ll sail off without you.  Sound harsh…Hell’s harsher.  Remember what got you have, remember why here is better than there was, tell your children, tell your friends, tell everyone and always remember.

God, for thousands of years you have put up with our disobedience.  You watch as we act like it’s no big deal, you watch us deceive ourselves.  Lord God you are a jealous God you command our worship solely for you.  You created us for this purpose, to glorify your name, your being, you alone.  yet we create idols, idols that don’t pay off.  Idols that disappoint time after time.  We have gods who take, take, take and dishonor you, yet we bow to them.  Father help us remember.  Help us remember who delivers us from storms.  Help us recognise your discipline as love and the consequences of sin as results to our own actions.  You don’t intend us harm and you’ve told us how to live our best lives, but we fail you every time.  Lord your wrath will fall upon this earth.  Your word never fails.  May we not take you for granted.  May we not take our faith nor our calling lightly.  Within us there is the power of the resurrection of Christ, within us is your Spirit.  We walk by faith, not by sight.  We must be strong and courageous and view ourselves as sons of God, as a preistly and royal nation and in this light we must walk.  Give us the desire, help us remain steadfast.  Break us for your brokenness, and what ever it takes, whether sickness or death or whatever hard times, allow into our lives whatever it takes to make us depend on and live for solely you.  In the name of Jesus I pray.   Amen


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