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Remember Where You Were

on April 21, 2010

This morning I finished off Joshua and it ended with a bang. The Israelites renewed their covenant with God promising to serve only Him.  I found interesting the part where Joshua tells them not to marry into the surrounding nations because essentially they will be corrupted if they do.  Hmmm, a lesson we all too often ignore…can I stress again the importance of being “equally yoked”.  God wasn’t and isn’t stupid.  He set things up a certain way for a reason.  To marry an unbeliever is not only putting your faith into comprimise, but placing yourself in unnecessary temptation.  It’s always easier to slide backwards than to run forwards.

I love that Joshua reminds them of their whole story, from their ancestors before Abraham who worshipped other gods to time spent in Egypt as slaves.  Remember your story.  Remember God called you from something to where you are today.  Remember and renew your covenant with Him, promising to worship only Him.


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