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Always Praise

on April 20, 2010

Wow, I say that a lot, but wow.  I was just reading yesterday’s post and I was totally like “who wrote this”, you know.  I mean, no doubt I did, but it’s nothing in me.  I have to give Him the glory.  So I’m still in Joshua and it’s so cool.  I’m not gonna get all technical, but I mean check out all the land…the promised land that was given to Israel.  Look at what’s happening over there today.  I mean, wow, like look at the root, the root in our bible…but not only the root, the end of the story as well.  Our God alpha and omega.  Tell me that isn’t cool.

So I’m reading about this land designated for men who murder unintentionally to protect them from avengers.  I’m in awe.  Who says our God isn’t just.  He set up a prison system in a time when it was an eye for an eye, God allowed for justice.  These men were sent to this land to plea their cases and stay for a time…not forever or til death, eventually were allowed to return to their families.  Like, I don’t know about you, but the more I read, I’m just like what doesn’t the bible answer.  Really and truthfully this book lays out all the principles we ought to live by.  It’s so cool, so beyond cool.  Today I wanna leave you with a challenge, one we should have everyday, but I’m giving it to you specifically today.  As you go out into the world today, I challenge you to intentionally live out your faith i witness to a stranger.  Whether that be saying good morining with a warm smile to someone you don’t know or actually sharing the gospel, however it may look, love intentionally today, beyond your usual.  Because our God is WOW, you feel me right…He’s just WOW!!!

Yes, Lord you are sooo WOW.  Father I humble myself before you and I bring you praise.  In flithy rags you found me and you washed me clean.  Amazing grace how sweet the sound of Word that paves a path for me.  Lord Jesus as you intercede on our behalf before the mighty Father we give you thanks, never enough, but continually we lift your name on high for all to hear how great is our God.  The one and only true God who reigns and lives not just above or around us, but within us. Lord, you love us this much, that not only did you give the ultimate sacrifice, but Spirit of God you never leave us.  In the desert storms we cry oh Lord and you shelter us, so when times are good we pray, that we would not shy away or be ashamed or afraid to speak your truth to the masses.  We are citizens of Heaven, not of this earth. We are here only for a time, may we make the most of it.  For our Father you have put in us a light to shine in darkness, a light to offer hope.  So as we tell people about Hell and sin, may we not forget to tell them who you are, the hope you give, how great your love is.  May we paint a full picture Lord.  Give us the words God, give us the opportunities, put our love and faith to the test that we may examine ourselves and know that we are in Christ without a doubt.  My Father I love thine more than life itself.  Glory be to the Father, Son and Spirit. Hosanna to the highest.  Amen


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