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He Answers

on April 19, 2010

You now how some days you wake up and you’re all like, “Woe is me, my life, my life…it stinks, I’m not getting all that I deserve.  I mean I’m so entirely worthy and the world is just like totally missing it, why can’t they see?” And then you’re all, “Oh, oh, oh it hurts so bad, I can’t, I can’t”  So I totally felt that way this morning.  I am so thankful God’s mercies are new every morning because, yo, I have this thing in the morning when I first get up where it’s like the moment I open my eyes Satan’s just like in my face taunting me, my flesh is like burning and the world is just waiting for me to open the door.  So, this morning as I’m feeling all “oh me oh my oh how oh why” I give to God…you know we can do that right?  I’m like immediately like God, I can’t, I don’t want this, take it from me Lord, I need to see you right now.  So I turn on my itunes and start listening to a sermon.  Watch this cause God’s awesome…the preacher says “We have to fight for the faith.  It’s a continual fight.  Don’t fight for today or the things of the world.  Fight the good fight, fight for Christ, fight for eternity.  Not for money or that guy or girl, that’s not what we’re called to fight for.  Fight for faith.”  Hahaha, WOW, like crazy God you’re sooo speaking to me right now.  See, I told you he answers prayer. Man oh man, if anyone ever denies our Saviour, you tell them, test him out…our God never comes up short.  So, I’m like “ahhhhh” you know, like so refreshed.  I just love him and I’m gonna FIGHT, fight with me.  I haven’t done my devo yet so I’ll get back to you on that, but right now I wanna pray, cause we need it and we can…

God I wanna call you super-cala-fragelistic-expa-alo-doecious because God there are no human words that can describe your greatness.  The magnitude of your love for us, how deep and how wide Lord no man can measure.  We praise you Lord, we praise you entirely and completely with our full being God.  May we lift our voices and raise a gleeful shout unto your Name.  Father we are called to fight the good fight for the faith.  And Lord, it isn’t easy.  To Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the ends of the earth we are called to go and share and bless in your name Father, in your holy name.  To friends, to family, to enemies and strangers we are to give the good news.  And Lord it is good news, how sweet a melody to my heart and my soul.  You encourage, you inspire, you dear God empower.  You not only give us the call, you give the means to make the call.  We have no excuse.  Be strong and courageous you said and fight the good fight to the very end.  We adore you,may we show you adoration through words and actions in our lives day to day.  Many suppress your truth, but it is revealed to all, that not one may have an excuse.  Father, I lift up lost souls, Lord you know the destiny of each one, but God I pray that we, your children would be broken for the lost.  I pray Lord that we would sense the urgency of your call and that we would put first your message above all else and share your love with the world around us.  May we always know that we have an answer for our hope, Jesus Christ and blessed salvation through his blood.  Thank you Jesus.  As we go forth into our day good Lord, please give us boldness and passion to allow you to walk ahead of us, beside us, behind, below and above and may we shine your light brilliantly on each one whom we encounter.  My gloves are on, my stance is set and I am ready to fight, fight for you God and you alone.  Lord you are splendiferious, magnificent and greater than  great.  How we love thee name, how we love thee. In your precious name.  Amen.


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