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Who’s Serving Who?

on April 17, 2010

Those darned Israelites will they never learn?  These darned Christians will we ever learn?  Amazing how God tells them exactly what to do and tells them how he will deliver their enemies into his hands, yet guess what? That’s right, there’s disobedience.  And for what?  Greed, covetousness.  Achan, stoned to death, with his entire family because of greed.  Why couldn’t he be satisfied with what God had provided.  Here’s the lesson in this…contentment.  Over and over again it’s the same story. It just never ends.  But check it out because there’s something really cool here.  Rehab, who previously saved the spies lives, she and her family are spared.  They’re not even God’s children.  I point this out because this is the power of our witness.  Friends if we can be obedient to God, if we can show the world how much we truly trust in Him by living obediently and finding satisfaction in him and not things or people…others will see that.  They will notice and His name will be glorified.  I think it’s so cool how Rehab heard about the Israelites and their God before they even got to Jericho.  What if we were so obedient and so blessed that the Word spread before us, we wouldn’t even have to say anything, people would just know our God is the one and only God because his works among us were so undeniably powerful.  Don’t get me wrong, God’s works ARE entirely powerful among us, but too often our sin overshadows God’s works.  Because we blend so perfectly into the world around us, people don’t notice or are given room to deny what God’s doing in and for our family.  Think about that one.

The other thing I’d like to address is all the killing and plundering.  I’ve often heard unbelievers say “how can a God of love have killed all those people?”  As I read today, I was reminded of God’s perfection.  Of how this awesome God who doesn’t at all need any of us and created for the sole purpose of glorifying him, was gracious enough to chose a people by whom the world could be redeemed.  So yeah, he killed a lot of people, but who are we to say they didn’t deserve it.  Need I remind you that he once destroyed the entire world except for one family.  Not only that, but he wanted to wipe out everyone again and Moses begged him not to.  So who are we to complain? Who are we to say that sin isn’t so utterly disgusting and repulsive that God should just put up with it.  We get mad when people steal our stuff, murder our kids.  Sin is sin to God, he made everything, why shouldn’t he set the rules?  Let’s just remember who’s in charge, who’s running the show.  Let’s keep this in mind…always.

I love the God we serve.  Let’s serve him well.  I’d pray but I gotta go, so I leave it to you.  Be blessed.


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