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Don’t Have to Get Your Feet Wet

on April 15, 2010

Humph…you know what? I’m in awe, like complete total splendid stupor. Ever just feel like all the knowledge and wisdom you possess are just nothing at all, as if you were like the dumbest person on earth because you just seem to have missed the boat…or the whole point of existence? That’s kinda where I stand. It’s like every day God’s just like, “you think you know, you have no idea”

I had the most awesome meeting with the inmate I meet with last night. It’s so sweet to see what God is doing in her life. Just the total transformation in her. I mean this chick is so totally persecuted and it’s likely something she’ll have to deal with for a long time coming because really, what do we know about forgiveness? Not much. But you know what, she nows, she’s got first hand experience at what unforgiveness does. If ever I’ve seen total sincere, heartfelt repentance it’s in her life. Here I thought I was going there to share with her and to teach her a thing or two, but wow how wrong was I. She’s the one teaching me. She opens my eyes to what our faith is all about, to why Christ died and to the fact He is risen. Forgiveness. Grace. Mercy. Not just God’s….ours.

I’m gonna ask you all to lift me up in prayer because she’d like me to speak at their chapel service and I want to, but there’s some fear in me and I don’t want it to hinder me from doing as I should.

So, I’m in Joshua and today I read how God once again dried up waters, this time the Jordan, for the Israelites to cross. He had them lay down a memorial so that they could tell their children of what he had done for them. Friends, has God ever dried up waters for you? What have you done as a memorial to him. I sit and think of all the Lord has done for me. I’ve been saved 5 years this month. Where I was to where I am, such a huge, huge difference, but so often I forget. I forget because I get caught up thinking about tomorrow and what I don’t have, what he hasn’t done yet. The times though that I remember, it literally brings tears to my eyes because God forgave me of a lot of sin, released me from a lot of pains. I mean we still feel pains as believers, we’ll have our heartaches and sorrow, but we have an eternal hope that outweighs them. To have pain with no hope at all is a whole other story. The mercy and grace he extended to me, who had been spitting in his face for so long. I mean I was into other faiths, learning about sun gods and being deceived by new age movements because with them I didn’t have to be accountable for my sin, I could simply live and do as I pleased. It’s like the prodigal son who basically says dad you’re better off dead, gimme my inheritance so I can go have fun with my life. He squanders it all and comes crawling back ashamed at what he did and his dad embraces him and celebrates, no harm done my son, just happy to have you home. Friends, this is a picture of our God.

As you go through your day today, I encourage you, take a moment remember when God dried up the waters for you and praise Him for His unconditional love that welcomes us back home.

Awesome awesome God, I am so moved by your wonder God, so touched by your forgiveness Lord, so blessed by your love. Lord God in this life are many high waters that seem like they can’t be crossed, but Father you hold them up and set our feet on dry ground. How mighty is your hand oh Lord, how mighty and wonderful is your hand. Father as we continue to walk on the paths set before help us to never forget Lord that you are in complete control. Help dear God to keep fresh in our minds all which you have done for us for whether our lives are sunshine and lollipops or raindrops and hailstorms you walk before us making the way clear for us to proceed. Father God times can’t always be easy, we all have trials and storms but we also have a God who is in control, complete control and allows nothing without reason. Lord, we may not understand your ways, but Father we trust in you completely. May our faith remain strong and may we keep our heads held high so as to testify to your greatness. Just as Rehab and her people heard of the what you did for the Israelites and so came to believe you as the one true God, may our walks and our testimonies demonstrate the reality of who you are to those we encounter. Give us hearts and attitudes of forgiveness and love and may we bless your name as you’ve blessed our lives, forevermore. This I pray in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit without whom my life would be a empty, broken vessel. Thanks be to God. Amen


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